Major success in EXIST Programme for Colipi

Colipi gets an increase in EXIST research transfer funding

At Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Colipi has developed a globally unique technology that can produce sustainable oil in a CO2-neutral way.

More than nine million hectares of rainforest around the equator have already been cleared for the production of palm oil. Important habitat for endangered species is still being destroyed daily, also releasing large amounts of CO2. Colipi produces sustainable alternatives to vegetable oils such as palm oil through gas fermentation. The starting materials are carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen.

Funded by “Calls for Transfer” and supported by “beyourpilot”, the Colipi start-up has been granted an increase in EXIST research transfer funding of 2.9 million euros to a total of 4.1 million euros.


Charles Sinn

beyourpilot, public relations

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