Transfer strategies for tomorrow’s society

Tutech creates added economic and social value through knowledge and technology transfer, since it’s today’s insights and discoveries that will shape our future. Take renewables, intelligent buildings, personalised therapy or autonomous vehicles – just a few years ago most of it could only be found in science fiction, but today it’s reality. Research creates possibilities and solutions when it comes to society’s challenges.

Do you want to see more innovation coming out of Hamburg?

Through our cooperative projects linking researchers and industrial partners in the region, our research management unit contributes daily to strengthening and developing Hamburg as a centre of innovation. Working with government departments, federations, clusters, NGOs and other project lead partners, we also establish publicly funded cluster projects and networks. We set particular store by projects tackling climate change and sustainability in the city – contributing to keeping Hamburg green and making it greener still.

Do you want to see ideas grow in Hamburg?

Research and technology-driven startups in particular will find that our startup support provides what they need to develop. By providing individual support and initiating and coordinating networks and events on innovation and startups in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, we strengthen Hamburg as a centre of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Do you want to attract EU-funded innovation projects to Hamburg?

Our consultancy and competence development team helps universities, businesses, government and politics to generate economic growth and prosperity from innovative research and development – locally and internationally. We promote your involvement in EU-funded research and development projects and, through our TUTECH ACADEMY, offer people from research and business practical workshops and training based on experience. As the Hamburg partner in the Enterprise Europe Network, we help small and medium-sized enterprises make international contacts and put innovations into practice.

Do you agree that research insights shouldn’t gather dust on the shelf?

Tutech protects the value of intellectual property and contributes to getting ideas from northern Germany known and used worldwide. Our IP management business unit evaluates inventions from universities and research institutes and provides information events and advice to help ensure that patents and property rights are regarded as useful and effective tools at the interface tween research and business.

Professor Josef Schlattmann


“It all begins with a meeting between Tutech, industry and TUHH partners. Cooperation is a driver of success, since when people work together their potential is cumulative; when they work for one another, however, their potential is multiplied.”

Professor Michael Schlüter


“Tutech is indispensable for our cooperation with industry because it forms an ideal bridge between private enterprise and TUHH, which is part of the public sector. It is the only way of rapidly transforming research innovations into benefits for society.”

Prof Peter Fröhle


“Here at TUHH’s Institute for River and Coastal Engineering we are more than ready to take advantage of Tutech’s experience, especially when it’s a question of coordinating research consortia or submitting proposals in response to EU calls for projects.”