IP Management

For reliable commercial success

We find the inventions coming out of Hamburg’s universities and market them

Have you developed an innovative product or some new technology? Do you want to market it as successfully as possible and strengthen your long-term competitiveness? We can support you by protecting your product’s exclusivity.

Our IP management business unit supports inventors in research institutes, startup teams or companies who want to commercialise their innovations. Our team at Patent Agency Hamburg (PVA Hamburg) helps universities and extramural research institutes to identify, protect and market their research results.

Our support covers all aspects of protecting intellectual property and provides competent support and professional patent management. Whether you are interested in licensing or selling your rights, PVA Hamburg can commercialise your technology regionally and globally.

What we can do for you

Our services encompass initial consultations, evaluation of inventions according to technical and commercial criteria, prior art and novelty searches and IP strategy consultations, and preparation and coordination of the technology validation of projects.

We can also assist you with patent applications, identify and bring you together with suitable partners in industry, and run contract negotiations for you.

Dr Markus Kähler

Director IP Management

Ingrid Kupper

Office, patent management

Dr Melanie Janßen-Weets

Deputy Director IP Management

Dr Michael Rütten

IP Management

Dr Andreas Osadnik

IP Management

Laurens Pudewill

IP Management

Jonas Matthias Jeremias Koch

IP Management

University of Hamburg

Thiago Martins Huppertz

Hamburg University of Technology

Dr Johannes Harpenau

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Dr Ilka Bettermann

Helmut Schmidt University

RDir Joachim Manzel

Chancellor’s Representative

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
(MediGate GmbH)

Regina Radig-Neuber

Bernhard Nocht Institut for Tropical Medicine

Dr Natalie Bergholz

Leibniz Institute for Virology (LIV)

Dr Frauke Adamla

Interface between research and business

PVA Hamburg has been working for more than 15 years as a successful IP interface for established universities and research institutes. Our team’s clear goal is to validate technology emerging from universities and to help innovations achieve commercial success.

Cooperating transfer offices in university and extramural research institutes:

Invention notification forms

University staff are required to notify their employers about their inventions. The basis for this is the Law on Employees’ Inventions ArbNErfG. You can download the necessary forms here.

Other Tutech business units

Prof. Dr. med. Udo Schumacher


“I have been closely collaborating in the field of IP transfer with the TUTECH since many years. They have managed all our patent applications to my complete satisfaction. Their comprehensive guidance was very helpful in obtaining an EXIST grant for our first start-up. So you always get an all-inclusive package from TUTECH.”

Birgit Müller


“Since 2014, Tutech Innovation GmbH has been an extremely competent and reliable partner for IP management at the Bernhard Nocht Institute. We appreciate the very close and trusting cooperation with Tutech’s dedicated and professional employees. We are fully satisfied with the expert support we receive in securing the protection of our intellectual property rights and the responsible exploitation of our research results.”