Turning knowledge into action

TUTECH ACADEMY offers a comprehensive portfolio of practical training workshops, presentations and individual coaching relating to research and innovation management and complementary skills development for researchers. Our experienced trainers impart basic skills and share expert knowledge tailored to individual requirements. Topics include patent management, startup support, and technology and knowledge transfer. Working closely with researchers at Hamburg University of Technology, we also develop individualised packages for lifelong learning, especially programmes for engineers.

The training we offer is aimed at people working in research, industry, the public sector or NGOs and politics, from early-career researchers to experienced innovation managers.

Our workshops – practical and varied

Our practical workshops are based on decades of first-hand ‘hands-on’ experience in initiating and managing R&I projects with a particular focus on activities involving complex coalitions of partners from academia, industry, the public sector, NGOs and more, an area where Tutech has been active for more than 30 years.  In our workshops, we place great value on interaction and the sharing of knowledge and experience by trainers and participants alike. Our workshops provide great networking opportunities for people to connect across different sectors, institutions and countries.

In-house workshops for companies and institutes

As a company, research institute or public body you will often have specific training needs, maybe for a large group of your staff or clients, that can best be met in an in-house workshop. You can book such in-house workshops via us. Get in touch if you’d like to know more. We’d be happy to send you a detailed programme of our workshops or devise something specially for you.

Our standard programme contains a range of seminars that have emerged from our own experience in more than 30 years as a technology and knowledge transfer organisation. New areas of research and development mean that we are continually bringing our range up to date. Every in-house seminar we run is adapted to its target group, whether it’s the technical managers in a commercial business, early career postgraduate researchers or university administrators. We would be happy to work with you to develop seminars tailored to your specific needs.

Dr Margarete Remmert-Rieper


In cooperation with TUHH

For companies of all sizes and their employees, we offer a future-oriented opportunity to keep their technical and scientific knowledge up-to-date. You will be provided with individual advice and a customised programme that is oriented towards your practice and tailored to your goals. In “science-practice projects”, you can develop your knowledge and skills on a project basis within the framework of research and in direct exchange with TU experts.
This will enable you to stay up to date – in current technologies and in human resources development.

Dr Christine Bauhofer

Information from the EU-Office Team

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