Knowledge transfer at all levels

Tutech connects research, business and society

We know what works when it comes to technology and knowledge transfer at the interface between higher education and industry. We’re fluent speakers of the languages of research and business and we’ve been linking up entrepreneurial and research potential successfully for 25 years. Our mission is to create lasting value by putting innovative research results and inventions into practice. We do that by acting as consultants, matchmakers, initiators and coordinators both nationally and internationally.

Tutech is a private-sector subsidiary of Hamburg University of Technology and the City of Hamburg. Together with our sister company, Hamburg Innovation, we connect all the city’s public higher education institutes as well as many research organisations in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

Individual approaches

to your requirements:

Are you a researcher?
We’re experienced at supporting research projects with industrial partners. You can count on our expertise in technology and knowledge transfer.



Is your company on the look-out for innovation?
We can help you with everything to do with the interface between industry and science, from finding experts to providing training.



Do you have a political or social mission?
We work with public sector bodies, NGOs, federations and clusters and participate in publicly-funded projects.


politics and society

Our skill set

The four Tutech business units



Take a look at what’s coming up and where. Our training and competence development seminars are all listed here, but we also offer lectures and networking events.



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25 years of Tutech

Private company for university technology transfer

Tutech was registered on 7 October 1992 as a subsidiary of Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and was originally styled TUHH-Technologie GmbH. In 2004 the short version became part of the official title, as Tutech had made a name for itself in the field. In the early 1990s the concept of a private technology transfer company was a novel one. But Tutech was soon acting as a role model as many universities set up similar companies of their own.

Harburg upriver port

channel hamburg is an innovation location with outstanding development potential. More than 5 million people live and work in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, one of the economically strongest areas in Germany and in Europe as a whole. Tutech’s offices are situated between the Harburg Old Town and the southern arm of the River Elbe in the Harburg upriver port, an area threaded with canals and harbour basins.

Changing Harburg

It’s not just bishops and dukes who’ve left traces in Harburg, so has recent history. Today Harburg is an R&I park location with an interesting mix of old and new buildings, business premises, research facilities and residential buildings. This mix is reflected in our working culture, which builds on what is already there to create something new.

The Tutech team

We specialise in exploiting the potential for innovation by bringing in specialists from a wide range of organisations and fields. Our team has a corresponding mix of expertise. We combine the necessary skills with in-depth knowledge of our fields, including project and process management, contract drafting, financing and patent issues.