TUTECH advises XFEL scientists and engineers on IP protection and exploitation

Tutech recently participated in a number of workshops organised by European XFEL’s Industrial Liaison Office that included IP advice. Researchers have already filed their first patent application.

Hamburg-based European XFEL generates extremely intense X ray flashes that can be used by researchers from all over the world and is opening up previously inaccessible areas including mapping atomic details of viruses, filming chemical reactions, and studying the processes in the interior of planets. Where results are commercially relevant, evaluating, protecting and exploiting them is vital.

“We’re delighted that such a renowned institution as The European XFEL is using Tutech’s services,” says Dr Markus Kähler, Director of IP Management at Tutech. “Work at the research facility is producing IP with significant exploitation potential, and Tutech is contributing expertise to support the European XFEL with realising that potential.”

The IP management unit at Tutech supports inventors in research institutes, startup teams or companies who want to commercialise their innovations regionally or globally. Services cover all aspects of protecting intellectual property, including assistance with patent applications, matchmaking with suitable industry partners and taking the lead on contract negotiations.