Clean Ocean Coatings: From the lab to the oceans

Clean Ocean Coatings offers an innovative hull coating solution, based on a polymer matrix and nanostructured ceramic particles

More than 8 years of research and real application in several projects led to a well-positioned product that has potential to disrupt the established market: Ecoating is a toxin-free marine hard coating, does not pollute the ocean with microplastic like conventional and eroding coatings and contributes significantly to fuel savings thanks to its outstanding surface properties. On top, the Ecoating is easy to clean and lasts at least two years longer than conventional solutions.


Connecting to pilot partners in R&D partnerships with a long-term impact
Since 2022, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) with its Hamburg based host organization TUTECH INNOVATION GmbH looks for fitting pilot and cooperation partners as well as R&D projects that bring Ecoating to the next technology readiness level. Thanks to the continuous exchange between EEN’s maritime industries and services sector group, EEN’s funding advisory and especially Clean Ocean Coatings fast and reliable action, there is a perfect match between the young company and a HORIZON consortium of prominent players: In 2023, Clean Ocean Coatings joins this visionary project, closely aligned with the European green deal: Sustainable Energy Applications for Green and Low-impact Operation of small-scale fishing boats in the Baltic and North Sea basins (SEAGLOW). 
SEAGLOW will demonstrate that utilization of complementary technologies is a game-changer for fishing vessels, allowing the cost-efficient reduction of fuel consumption, benefiting the fishing community and the environment, and accelerating the fishing sectors opportunities for positive change.
The consortium will ensure solid collaboration of all relevant actors, connecting stakeholders and consortium partners of all types, including specialists in energy supply, power trains, fishing, research, business, associations, and policy advisors.
SEAGLOW strives to enhance innovation in a traditional industry, by encouraging investments into modern engineering and IT, generating wealth, and creating employment in often marginal regions.

We aim to make an end to self-eroding coatings and establish the antifouling management of tomorrow.”

Christina Linke, CEO Clean Ocean Coatings

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