Tutech Academy training in high demand

TUTECH ACADEMY  offers a broad range of research-based training plus practical workshops and seminars. Our experienced trainers share basic information as well as expert knowledge as required on topics such as innovation management, international research management, patent management, startup support and technology and knowledge transfer.

New formats and new content

Increased demand for workshops and online tutorials

There are advantages to a digital format. There’s no need to travel for one thing. That may very well be one reason why demand for our Tutech Academy training has been rising in recent months, but the online formats on offer are certainly not the only explanation. On their own, they wouldn’t explain the high level of bookings, which have already increased fivefold.

Horizon Europe

The workshop content is also impressive: The calls for proposals for collaborative research published a few days ago by the EU have contributed to a marked increase in demand. Word has got around that the training in the Tutech Academy portfolio can significantly help maximise the chances of success in national and EU funding bids. A large proportion of the online tutorials and workshops is provided in direct cooperation with our clients. If you’re interested in what Tutech Academy has to offer, why not contact us right away?

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